Thursday, 18 November 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays,Birthdays!!

I think there's birthday fever happening at the moment, cos my birthday book pages are choc-a-block for almost the rest of the month of November! :0)

OK ... so maybe I'm exaggerating a LITTLE ... but not too much! And it all kicks off tomorrow when my bestest-buddy-since-we-were-nine Lynette joins me sitting on the milestone of 40. I won't be catching up with her tomorrow, but rang today to wish her a happy birthday ... and to remind her SHE'S old now too! Tee! Hee! Hee! And during a 'short' (for us!!) chat of an hour or so, we set next Friday aside for a play date to celebrate in style with a high tea. Who knows ... we might even frock-up for the occasion - I promise to take photos! :0) Here's a photo of Lynette and I the last time we enjoyed a High Tea ... I think it might have been for MY birthday ...

See ... playing LADIES!! :0)

The second birthday on the list is actually ALSO tomorrow. It's my sort-of-sister Tiffy's 21st tomorrow and we're heading home to Mundubbera to help her party away on Saturday night. Tiffy began boarding with Mum and Dad about 5 years ago so she could finish senior with her friends when her family were moving away ... and she stayed! :0) She now works on a property north of Mundubbera as a Nanny during the week, but weekends see her head back to the Kippen's Chaos Castle for a dose of insanity ... and Mum's cooking! :0) She's pretty much part of the family these days, so I refer to her as my 'sort-of-sister'! :0)

Now, I've been showing you my progress on Tiffy's 21st quilt and you'll all be pleased (I'm sure!!) to know that I put the last stitches in it this afternoon! WHEW!! Talk about cutting it close! And here is the finished quilt ...

Ta da!! As usual, the lovely Rosalie of Rose Quilting did a FABULOUS job of the quilting. Here's a close up of the repeating pattern in the centre panel ...

Can you see the cute bee hive in the centre? Around it are several different types of flowers and down in the bottom left corner you can see a bee. Cute and not so busy that it overshadows the bright, cheerful colours of the 'Frolic' fabrics. I decided to do a scrappy binding to tie in some of the fun bright colours again and I'm pleased with how it came together. So ... one birthday quilt ready and one more finish to add to my OPAM list! :0)

And the other birthdays? Well ... one very special blogger is counting down to her birthday at the end of the month, just a day before my Mum's birthday on November 30, so I've got my thinking cap on to come up with suitable gifties! :0)

Right now, though, I think I'm going to go and have a cup of lavender tea and admire my newly finished quilt for a while before I hand it over tomorrow. I'll be back with some party pics next week. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and manage to steal a bit of stitching time for yourself. Til next time ...



julia said...

Hey Kris,
ooooh...Tiffy's quilt turned out beautifully! I love the scrappy binding, it is just what the quilt needed...and the quilting is super-cute... Say happy birthday to Tiffany!
High tea sounds awesome and you two look like it was a lot of fun the last time - I don't doubt next Friday will be great, too :)
I'm glad my two birthday months (September and October) are over - now it's "only" Christmas...but hey, it's supposed to be fun!
Hugs, Julia

Amanda said...

Don't you look so elegant having high tea, something we just never do, but it looks great fun. Love the quilt, such brilliant colours.

Maria said...

Hope you enjoy your High Tea next Friday with your friend Lynette.
I am sure your sort-of sister will love her beautiful butterfly quilt.
November is a busy birthday month for me too. First it is my, then my DH and right NOW my GD is giving birth to my first Great grandchild.Sitting here waiting for the phone.

Lynn said...

Cute quilt. I love the butterflies in the border. That quilting is perfect.

Mistea said...

What a very lucky sort of sister you have - that is one beautiful quilt.

Enjoy celebrating all the birthday milestones.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Tiff's quilt is so beautiful Kris - won't she be delighted!!
Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend back home with your family.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

ittybittyandpretty said...

hello sweets, it has been a few weeks since i last popped in to see what was happening in the meares madhouse, i have been MIA (so busy it is killing me)
anyhow as usual you have created amazing and colourful pretties, that quilt is sure to impress!
love the idea of high tea to celebrate a birthday...was thinking i need one to clebrate my sister returning from london, any excuse :)

enjoy your play date.


Crowing Moon said...

OH Tiffy is going ot LOVE it! Its gorgeous :)

Beeeme! said...

WOW! I know, I should know by now to trust your judgement in these matters, but I really did have my doubts about how you would pull those colours together in Tiff's quilt. It looks FANTASTIC. Well done. :-)

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