Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Some Winners & Some Finishes!

I was going to be back Sunday to shock you with two posts in a row and some photos of more finishes, but, well ... time just got away from me! :0) I'm sure you'll all know what I mean! And then, of course, it was end of month blog-hopping time for Peg and I to collect the finishes for OPAM, so that kept us a bit busy, too. There were 615 finishes for October! How FABULOUS is THAT!!!! Well done to you all! It is always so exciting to see the photos of fabulous finishes as we hop around your blogs or open your emails. You really are a talented group of gals out there in blogland ... not to mention good-looking too! Tee! Hee! Hee!

OK ... so the winners for October's OPAM draw are:

Kate W

Laila (Jacobs Quilt)


Congratulations ladies! If you'd like to email me with your snail mail addresses, I'll be packaging up some surprises for you and going to visit my buddy Raymond at the Post Office to crack the whip on Australia Post to deliver de letters! :0)

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of you OPAMers! It's always wonderful to be able to add finishes to our lists and cross them off our "To Do" lists, but it's great too, to see that many of us (Peg and I included!) are also making progress on some long-term projects like quilts. So even if you didn't get to list any finishes, well done if you made some progress on a WISPY WISP or two! :0)

Do you remember I said I was procrastinating over finishing a sample for the class I'm teaching at this coming weekend's Creative Craft Retreat? Well, I got busy on Sunday and finished it - YAY! Now I just have to write the instructions - BOO! :0) I wasn't happy with the fit of the first sample of the covered sketch pad/journal that I made for my "Blooming Butterflies" pattern, so changed a few numbers, re-measured, re-cut, re-sewed and ...

Ta da! Much happier with this version and now have the strips running the same way as the bag, so think it will match better. What do you think?

I'm now happy with both samples, so tomorrow will be instruction writing day ... GROAN!

I also FINALLY put together another block of my Gardener's Journal quilt - YAY! I've had the stitcheries for this one finished since our holiday in early August, but just hadn't had the time to get into the sewing room and do the measuring and cutting thing for it. Because I'm using up lots of scrappy bits from my stash, I am cutting the pieces block by block to make sure I balance the colours etc ... which makes for a fair bit of work each time, but I'm happy with how the blocks are coming together. Here is Block D ... Weeding the Garden ...

Oh dear ... not her best angle, but a view my neighbours would probably have if they looked out their kitchen window when I was in the garden on Sunday! Tee! Hee! Hee! I was planting another pretty shrub, though, not weeding! :0) So, my quilt so far looks like this ...

I really like the scrappy scatter of colours that is starting to happen with my Gardener's Journal Quilt ... looks a bit like my garden ... bits of colour here and there, not a lot of planning, but lots of colour and fun! :0) I know I'm a couple of blocks behind, but I'm still stitching along ... slowly ... in between deadlines etc! :0)

I also finished another tea wallet ... but have just realised I forgot to take a photo of it. Ah well ... next time. But right now, I think I'm going to shout myself a cup of lavender tea, sit and stitch and watch "The A Team". I love me some corny 80's action series! Tee! Hee! Hee! Dirk Benedick sure was a HONEY! :0)

Hope you're all having a lovely start to your week and that you're taking some time out to stop and smell the roses ... like these two beauties from my garden!


Til next time ...



Aunty said...

Your Gardener's Journal quilt is looking great. Love all the colours.

Crowing Moon said...

Bahahahahahahaha Oh man! I thought Face was a honey too...when I was 10 LOL. He was the man when I was in primary school :D
LOVE your bag and journal cover They're just gorgeous. I have to get some pattern instructions written up too blah...but nice to know people want to make your stuff. I'll get a pattern when you have it all written up :)
Your quilt is coming along nicely too. Very sweet!

Mistea said...

The quilt is looking good - so nice to see the blocks together. Colour is excellent in the garden.

Your bag and journal cover are gorgeous together - think positive happy thoughts and smile through pattern writing - it makes them easier to read!

Have a fantastic Wednesday.

Bev C said...

Hello Kris,

Congratulations to all the OPAMers and the winners this month. I do love your Garden Quilt, love the brightness of it.
Happy days.

Unknown said...

Hello busy girl enjoy your pattern writing tomorrow , I do feel for you .

Rachel Slote-Brown said...

Your Gardener's Journal quilt looks great! Can't wait to see the rest of the blocks.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

How good were all these girls this month...615..I wonder what November will bring...love your new samples Kris they look so good, you should be pleased, good luck with the pattern today...well your GJ looks fantastic, I love it....xx

Grethe said...

WOW,isn`t she goodlooking with all the pink around her,the lady there I mean. Lovely looking block,:-)
we are closer to the finish!!

Sheila said...

Thanks so much Kris for picking my name for this months OPAM , wow that is so exciting . I love your journal cover and bag , they are both adorable and I am sure you will get through the writing part no problem :-)

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Pattern writing huh.... we know how much you looove that...NOT!!!

Stick with it Kris. Once they are written you can relax and do some more stitching for fun!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

julia said...

Hi Kris!
I fear I sound boring...but I simply LOVE your book cover & the bag...they're always a pleasure to look at!
Conbrats on another completed block of your Gardener's Journal...yay!!! It's coming together so beautifully...I love the colourful patches all together...
Hugs, Julia

p.s. I really feel bad to have neglected you & lyour blog so long!!!

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