Sunday, 19 May 2013


G'day all! Not a lot of stitchy stuff happened this week ... in fact I'm not at all sure where the week went ... apart from a play date with my bestest-buddy-since-we-were-nine. It had been a while since we'd caught up, so that was nice. Add to that the cold snap our weather has taken and my hibernation reactions are starting to kick in! :0)

So ... since I don't have any stitchy stuff to share ... I thought I'd share some of my randomness ... I seem to have an excess of randomness! Tee! Hee! Hee! Here goes ... 10 random things about yours truly that you may not know ...

1. I can't sleep in a room where the wardrobe/cupboard door is open ... the "Cupboard Monster" might get me! (yes ... my Beloved Geek Boy thinks I'm slightly nutty, but why take chances?!! :0) )

2. I met my bestest-buddy-since-we-were-nine Lynette in the library when we both hid there to get away from a 'cat-fight' going on amongst the other girls in the class soon after I changed schools. She taught me to play draughts (checkers) and we've been best mates ever since. Mind you ... she can still beat me at draughts! :0)

3. Lynette and I drove the school librarian mad looking for books on ghosts, myths, unsolved mysteries which we devoured. Of course ... these days GB has banned me from reading these books as my imagination is TOO good and keeps us BOTH awake afterwards! Tee! Hee! Hee!

4. The two colours I like LEAST are PINK and ORANGE. (though I'm learning to incorporate pink in my designs ... cos apparently some people like it! :0) )

5. One of my other hobbies besides sewing is ... BELLYDANCING! I love the music, it's great exercise and very liberating ... it brings out your inner sexy goddess! :0)

6. I LOVE 'whodunnits' ... books, TV shows and movies. I love to work out who 'dunnit' before the detectives. :0) It's my favourite way to spend a cold winter's day ... along with some stitching! :0)

7. Jobs I've had include: serving at a chemist in my hometown, holiday nanny,  packing citrus fruit, Journalist/Photographer with a country newspaper, Teacher's Aid, Receptionist for a Chiropractic Clinic, Product Demonstrator at a supermarket, Admin Assistant at a retirement village ... as well as craft designer, of course. Just call me a 'Jack of all trades' ... or maybe that should be 'Jill'. :0)

8. I LOVE all things Celtic ... the music, the myths and legends, would LOVE to visit Scotland and Ireland, and love Celtic knot designs.

9. I've met two of my favourite fellow-designers ... Bronwyn Hayes and Toni Alexander ...

Bronwyn visited for Stitchers Dream Day Out a few years ago.

Toni and her youngest daughter visited for a playdate a while ago. (Must be time for another play date, Toni!!)

10.  I dream in full colour with sound ... not that my full-colour, surround-sound dreams always make sense! :0) (although I'm sure the dream about Hugh Jackman was SUPPOSED to be real! Tee! Hee! Hee!)

Do you now feel you know me better or have I confirmed your suspicions that I'm a little weird?!?! :0) One thing you all DO know about me is ... I love a good cup of tea and I think that's where I'm now heading ... to play Polly and put the kettle on. :0) I hope you've all had a great weekend and that the coming week is fantastic for you. Right ... cuppa and hug the heater ... I HATE cold weather!! Til next time ...




Christine M said...

I'm like you Kris and can't sleep with the wardrobe door open. I'll get up out of bed to close it if I realise the door is open! So you're not the only one.

Elizabeth said...

Great blog. Your blogs always make me smile

Elizabeth said...

Great blog. Your blogs always make me smile

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