Sunday, 5 May 2013

Retreat Treat!!

How has your weekend been? I've had a BLAST!! :0) And I'm combining my Saturday and Sunday






... into one post, cos I've had a FANTASTIC weekend that definitely qualifies with more than one of the above. :0) You see ... I've spent most of the weekend with a FABULOUS bunch of gals on a sewing retreat with our Friday Night "Sit N Sew" group. Imagine, if you will, a quiet spot away from suburbia and traffic with one building set up as a workroom, one building set up as a kitchen and dining room and one set up with bedrooms. Now add 14 FABULOUS clever-clogs stitchers (OK ... 13 clever-clogs stitchers and me! Tee! Hee! Hee!), an abundance of DELICIOUS food, lots of stitching and quilting projects ... and you can tell we were in stitchers' heaven! :0)

Now ... I can't tell you the antics that went on during the weekend ... we all know that ...

"... what happens on stitching retreat STAYS on stitching retreat!!!" :0)

... but I did take some photos to share with you.

Here's Sue and Lisa hard at work ... oops! Do you see that purple packet on the table there? I wonder who thought there would be chocolate at a stitchers' retreat?! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Jenny-Lee and Carol were also busily stitching away. Most of the gals were working on the same quilt pattern designed by Nikki Turvo and made with the pretty Tilda range of fabrics. I decided I already had enough projects on the go and really shouldn't start another, so I did some knitting and hand-stitching.

Here's "the other Chris" working on block placement.

And my fellow "Naughty Corner" occupier, Gail (AKA "the other Sue"!!). She was a bit like Cookie Monster counting his cookies ... except she was playing with her fabric stash! :0) She says she saw a whole new side to me by sharing the naughty corner with me for the weekend! Tee! Hee! Hee! And what was being stitched?

Beautiful quilts! :0) All of the quilts I've taken happy snappies of need some applique and stitcheries added to them, but you'll see how great the pieced tops are. The really interesting part ... most of the quilts were made with the same selection of fabric squares and it was the way each lady put her squares together and the borders they chose that gave each their individual look. This one above is Gail's quilt.

I think this might be my favourite combination ... lovely soft blues and aquas ... I think these squares might have been from one of the Tilda pre-cut packs that Marion and Steph have in stock. This is one of three versions of this quilt made by Jo (who is holding the quilt) and her Mum Maree ... they were the power team of the weekend! :0)

Here's Sue (AKA "The other Gail!" ) with her version Nikki's quilt. That blue border is striking isn't it?!

Oops! The photographer obviously had a little giggle in the middle of this one! :0) And "Uh Oh!" I can't remember who's quilt this one was ... maybe if was another one of Jo and Maree's???

This is another by Mother/daughter Jo/Maree team. See what I mean about the same squares all coming up differently

And this is a quilt top Jen put together over the weekend she was working on her own projects, too ... looks like a roll of musk lifesavers, doesn't it. :0)

So my TREATS for the weekend overflowed!! :0) Before I joined the Friday Night Sit N Sew group, I was always a bit reluctant to be a 'joiner'. I don't really consider myself to be a quilter ... or a patchworker ... not even really an embroiderer ... I consider myself to be a hand-stitcher, so have never really felt like I 'fitted' into any sewing groups.  I've also found in the past that some groups can be very clicky and just a bit ... well ... bitchy. So I was a little hesitant to go along when Marion invited me to a Friday evening of stitching ... but I am SOOOOOO glad I went along! :0) This gorgeous group of ladies come from all walks of life, work on all sorts of projects and are friendly, accepting ... FUNNY!! :0) ... not to mention creative and they have not only made me feel welcome, but they have sort of absorbed me into the group. I LOVE getting together with them on a Friday night! :0) Thanks for making me feel so welcome, gals, and thanks for a wonderful weekend! A special thank you to Marion, too, for co-ordinating our retreat weekend ... what a woman! :0)

Well ... now that I've shared my weekend TREATS with you, I'm off to play "Polly" and put the kettle on. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine and that it included some time for your to be creative ... OPAMers ... have you emailed your finishes to Sweet Peg or me?? Sweet Peg is almost ready to do the prize draw. (And a big MMMMWWWAH to you, my sweet Partner-In-Crime for doing most of the blog hopping this month while I was off playing with the Friday night gals! :0) ) Enjoy your week!! Til next time ...




Mistea said...

Looks like you enjoyed watching your fellow retreaters work those machines! Lovely quilts in the making. Hope you managed at least a couple of rows of your knitting.

Susan In Texas said...

Gosh, that looks like it was LOTS of fun, Kris!

I know what you mean about finding just the right group. I joined the Blanketeers, which is a charity quilting group about 6-7 years ago and it was... fine. Except the leaders NEVER came to our project days, which was weird, and we had PowerPoint presentations at our meetings 8( and after a few years participation dwindled to 5 people. Then the leaders up and quit. (Should have seen that one coming.) Our one very elderly (91) member, Chris, BEGGED us to continue, so Rachel and I looked at each other and said... (Now, Rachel had only joined 5 months before, but Virginia's health, Chris' age, and Sheila's work-load prohibited them, so ...) "I guess we could be Co-Chairs" OMG!!! The four of us young ones (all in our 40s then) had an "executive" meeting later that week. We decided to focus on fellowship and fun. No PowerPoints, no missing leaders no rules, and we haven't looked back since. The group is thriving and we have a blast. The four of us (Chris is still with us too, aging gracefully) have gotten so close. Rachel and I have never had a disagreement. We both had sisters and we know how to just work it out, you know? It's been fabulous and I don't know what I would do without them. So I KNOW what you mean. It's hard to find the right group, sometimes you even have to make one yourself! 8)

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Fiona said...

How awesome Kris, I could hear the cackling from here!!!! lovely quilts done too.... I don't suppose any of those ladies need some extra sewing time and come the occasional Friday morning???? just a thought...

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well Miss Kris....sounds and looks like you had fun....great looking Quilts....nothing better than retreat time....

Susan said...

A wonderful way to get sewing done - like minded souls and no footy on TV, or people to take here there and everywhere.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend Kris and no surprised you were in the naughty corner. Hope you had the chocolate there with you too!!
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Michelle Ridgway said...

Nothing nicer than a fun retreat...I completely approve of the purple packet. Beautiful quilts.

Katherine said...

Oh I hear you re clicky groups. Thats why I have online sewing friends lol. Had that experience many, many years ago and avoid it like the plague now. I am glad you had a wonderful time and that your group is fantastic to be with. It certainly looks like everyone had a great time and the quilts look fantastic.

Marijke van Ooijen said...

Hay Kris,

I saw your article in the E-magazine
of Kerryanne...
I have a article int his magazine to.
What a lovely blog is this..
Please take a look into my world..

Love from Holland,

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