Saturday, 25 April 2015

Remembering & Stitching!

April 25, 1915, a date 100 years ago today, is etched into the psyche of every Australian. The landing on the beach of Gallipoli was a terrible military blunder by the British Commanders, but it was a day where the true Aussie spirit of mateship, loyalty, commitment, strength of character and bravery shone bright and clear.

Both my Beloved Geek Boy and I have men in our family trees who fought in WWI, though not at Gallipoli; my Gramps and one of his brothers were stationed in New Guinea during WWII; my Aunt was in the Air Force for a time; and my Uncle was in the Army Reserve for many years after being told his fitness (and height!!) would stop him from being the pilot he dreamed of being. Anzac Day hits close to home for us. To those who have served in any of the armed services to defend their country or in support services to keep things running at home, to those who have served overseas in peacekeeping missions, to those who continue to defend our freedoms ... Thank you! Your service is appreciated.

On a slightly more domestic front, I'm enjoying a quiet weekend of puddling around at home. Mum and I have been playing in the kitchen again, making another batch of jam and experimenting with a raw paleo dessert ... will let you know how that one goes. :0) And tonight, I'm planning to curl up with some "Just For Me" stitching on my "A Country Tea Party" BOM designed by clever clogs bear lover Libby Richardson. I'm using fabrics from my stash and have chosen thread colours to match, but if you just can't wait to get stitching and LOOOOOOVE the fresh new Tilda fabrics, then hop over to visit Marvellous Marion and Stupendous Steph at  The Quilters Angel (AKA my Home-Away-From-Home!) and hurry to sign up.

I've borrowed this pic from the QA to show your the fresh, pretty Tilda fabrics and two of the GORGEOUS teddy stitcheries that make up this quilt. My buddy Lynda and I will be stitching along together on this, as she was keen to sign up and I bought her the first month's block as her birthday gift. Why not grab a few friends, sign up and have your own little stitch along. :0)

Righto ... off to hunt and gather some lunch before I tackle a few more chores so I can relax and stitch the night away. Hope you're having a wonderful start to your weekend. Til next time ...

At the going down of the sun, we will remember them.


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