Sunday, 26 April 2015

When The Cold Winds Blow ...!!

Well ... contain your shock folks! Here I am visiting the blog three days in a row - WOW! :0)

I don't know what the weather's been like at your place this weekend, but here on top of our 'hill', it's just been plain NAAAAAAAAASTY today!!! The temperatures have been 4-5 degrees below average and the horrible south-westerly winds have just about blown us off the hill and I think they've come to us via the South Pole ... EEK! The temperature gauge was showing around 5, but the weather experts said the wind dropped the perceived temperature to around 7 degrees - EEK!

We were extremely brave and ventured out to some nearby markets this morning, but we were all very happy to come home, rug up, light the fire and warm up with a cuppa and some home made banana cake ... MMMMMMMM!!!! Banana Cake!!!! :0)

So with my plans to spend the afternoon in the garden blown to shreds (Get it? Gale force winds ... blown to ... Never mind!!) how is a gal to entertain herself?

A cheerful, warming fire, a cosy flannel quilt to snuggle under (had to snitch my Beloved Geek Boy's blankie as mine still needs to be quilted ... still searching for a flannel sheet for the backing, Fiona!! :0) ) and some 'just for me' stitching. Add a cup of tea every hour or so and maybe I'll survive winter after all. :0) Of course ... I may change my mind when the temps drop below zero - EEK!!

And now ... can you guess what I'm doing?? Putting the kettle on to repeat the above photo. :0) Hope you've had a fantastic weekend and managed to find some time to kick-back and relax doing something you enjoy. OPAMers ... only a few days left til the month runs out again, so update your sidebar lists with your finishes and email totals to me and my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg. Right ... off to answer the siren call of the kettle. :0) Til next time ...




Fiona said...

the wind was a bit blowy .... love an open fire....

Judy S. said...

Hoping some of yesterday's nice spring weather brings some warm autumn days your way whenever it gets there!

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