Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Going Green!!

We're going green here at Edward House at the moment - and LOVING it! :0) Our winter vege crop is looking fabulous at the moment ... one of the best crops ever. 

The snow peas are plotting to take over the universe ... but we don't mind cos we're enjoying the fruits of that battle! :0) After a rough start in life (ie. next door neighbour's dog, large bones, burial in my broccoli patch - GRRRR!) the broccoli is planning to assist the snow peas in it's bid for universal domination ... this was our very first harvest tonight ... and tasted DEEEEEE-LICIOUS with steak for dinner. :0) The silverbeet was perfectly fresh in quiche and stirfry over the weekend. The cauliflower is playing catch up, but I think we'll be enjoying the forerunners in the next week or so. The strawberries have lots of flowers and the beetroot are getting the hint and growing nicely too. I LOOOOOOVE having the room to grow our own garden-fresh goodies ... It's much easier to be green. :0)

Wishing you more crunch in your crispy greens! :0) Til next time ...




Anonymous said...

You can't beat homegrown Kris,well done xx

Bev C said...

Hello Kris,

Wonderful to pick your own veg, love going out and seeing it growing. Enjoy those lovely home cooked meals Kris.

Happy days.

Fiona said...

thats a good head on the broccolli...

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