Monday, 17 August 2015

Making Other Plans!!

Have you ever heard the saying,

"Life is what happens when you're making other plans"? 

Well ... we've had a few of those "LIFE" things happening just recently. In fact ... last week was a bit of a shocker all round ... with one nice bright spot. :0)

The bright spot was Mum and Dad finally moving into their new unit ... after almost six months of living with us, they were pretty excited to be able to move into their own space, though perhaps not so excited about the unpacking! Tee! Hee! I think My Beloved Geek Boy and I will miss their help with the 'grown up' chores around the house and yard! :0)

There was also a sad short road trip to attend the funeral of one of GB's aunts after she lost her battle with cancer. It was a lovely service, though, and a sweet tribute to a creative, active CHATTY lady ... everyone joked that it was the first time they'd been able to have the last word in a conversation.

And there was also a work related accident ...

... This is what GB currently looks like after a 'helpful' workmate dropped a VERY heavy stage platform on his foot and broke it in three places. SIGH!!! (Just quietly, the 'helpful' workmate had better stay out of earshot for a while or I will be having a word or two to say to him! GRRRR!!) Instead of "GB" my Beloved will be HB for a while ... HOPPING Boy!!! :0P Seven weeks of hopping in fact ... OH BOY!!!!

 So life here at the Meares Madhouse ... as we head into the busiest month of our whole year!!! ... is a wee bit madder than usual, so you can guess there's not a lot of sewing going on here at the moment. One of our much-repeated comments is ... 

"At least we can't complain we're bored." 

After the topsy-turvy 12 months we've had (good, bad, happy, sad, exciting, BUSY, complicated, stressful, fun, unexpected ...) we've decided we could do with a bit of BORED to catch our breath!! :0)

So ... how's YOUR week shaping up? Hopefully you're having more of the 'bright spot' moments ... without clumsy workmates!! I think the only way to cope with our current craziness is to have another cup of tea ... or possibly an 'adult beverage'!! :0P Til next time ...




KimM said...

Oh dear, Kris! Crutches are not fun. At least for me - I wasn't the most graceful on them when I had foot surgery several years ago. It's tiring….I got myself up and out of bed - DH was so good taking care of me - I didn't want to bother him for a cup of tea, so made my way to the kitchen. Heated the water, dunked in the tea bag….and stood there. I hadn't planned on how I was going to get the cup of HOT tea into the bed room (I had to keep my foot elevated). COUGH! DH came to the rescue - HA! And he still loves me ;0) - and I know your DH will appreciate you helping him….
Take care -

Outback Crafter - Debra said...

Oh dear Kris.

I am so glad Mum & Dad have their own space now. At least they are not too far away to come and help with the 'grown up' jobs while GB is out of action.

At least you are enjoying life and sound like you still have a smile on your face.


Polly said...

Oh. my, Kris! What a busy few months you've all head! And to culminate with GB broken foot, is not fun, or easy to deal with! I know how that goes!! Good luck and I hope he heals up perfectly and soon!!

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