Tuesday 8 December 2020

Too Hard Tuesday!

Yep ... Tuesday has been a struggle ... Though to be fair, it's not really Tuesday's fault. 😜 It's kind of a cumulative effect of 2020 - the year that keeps saying, "hold my beer & watch this!", multiple staff changes & resident grumbling at work, the Christmas-crazies part of the year & two nights of sleep deprivation. Which all adds up to one mush-brained zombie. 😜

The lack of adequate sleep has probably been the proverbial straw ... Sunday night was incredibly icky-sticky-humid which saw even this hot-weather chook toss & turn, then last night we had a mini tornado smash through our little spot on the map. Lots of trees knocked down or dropped big limbs, two local roads blocked by fallen trees & loss of electricity due to one of the tree falls. We're fortunate to have a gas cooktop, so could cook dinner & boil water for cuppas, we had containers of drinking water on hand because we had to buy our second load of water for the season, lots of candlelight due to my addiction to scented candles ... BUT! ... When we don't have power, we don't have water because we rely on an electric pump. Can I tell you, even in hot weather a cold splash bath is NOT fun! 😳 And we definitely missed our fans trying to sleep in the heat. Power was finally restored 11 hours later, so all is back to what passes for normal now, but I'm mushy-brained from lack of sleep ... Not that anyone today has been able to tell the difference to my usual mudding! 😝

Adding insult to injury, although we copped the horrible mini tornado winds, thunder, lightning & power loss ... We only got two millimetres of rain. SIGH! More rain dances needed. 😜 Since sewing with mush-brain didn't seem like a wise life choice, here's a pic of my HUGE tomato harvest ...

Tee! Hee! Hee! Actually, considering the rough life my poor tomatoes have had, this is a pretty good haul. 😝 Perfect to add to tonight's dinner anyways. 😉

And for those of you without mush-brain who HAVE been sewing & creating ... It's time to update your OPAM tallies. Due to all of the above I'm running a bit behind with the blog hopping, so you've got a couple of extra days to email me with your November finishes.

And since GB has just arrived home, I'm off to cook Greek Lamb meatballs & warm salad with tzatziki for dinner then off to the land of nod to catch up on some of my lost sleep. Til next time ...



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