Sunday, 27 January 2008

Beary Christmas!

No, I'm not late for last Christmas or early for this year's Christmas celebrations, for that matter. "Beary Christmas" is the message stiched on my latest design, which I finished today. Yay! It's always great to completely finish a new design - instructions, photo, EVERYTHING! - and be able to add it to the web site. Of course, it's always a little nerve-wracking too. Will people like it? Will anyone buy if? However, I'm very pleased with how this pattern came out. I actually came up with the design when I signed up to be part of Kerryanne English's Christmas Ornament Exchange through Woodberry Designs . I sent my partner, Joy, a little stocking like this one - but couldn't take a photo, as the camera was MIA!! Frustration! However, I've now made two more - to show the two variations - and took photos for the pattern this morning. Here it is. What do you think?

The finished stocking is just 6" long, so it's perfect for a tree ornament, or you can make it as a pocket stocking and pop small gifts into it - because everone knows that the best things come in small packages!!

I've also been working on a design for my first applique` quilt. Well, not the first I've made, but the first I'll offer as a pattern. It features two of my favourite things - teddy bears and tea cups. And speaking of tea cups, I thought I'd share a couple of photos of some of my favourites from my growing collection.

This pretty Aynsley set caught my eye in an antique shop in Esk. It's missing a trio set that I hope to replace some day, but it's apparently an unusual pattern, so hard to track. One day ...

This is one of my favourite cup and saucer sets from my Nan's collection. I love most china featuring violets. I think it's the deep purple and green working together that draw my eye.

This was another antique shop find - unfortunately it didn't have the matching plate, but the hand-painted cottage was so cute I had to bring it home. One day I'd like my garden to have the overgrown cottage look. With Toowoomba on some of the strictest water restrictions in Australia, I don't think that will happen any time soon!!

Anyway, I'd better head back to the drawing board, although all these photos of tea cups make me think perhaps I'll just have a nice cup of tea first, before I get back to it! Til next time,


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Unknown said...

Hi, I have just inherited the entire Aynsley tea set which you have featured with the small pink flowers. I have been looking online for some info on it but cant find anything about this particular set (other than your blog) Do you know anything about the pattern, what it is called etc? Thank you for your help. Kind regards, Shanna.

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