Monday, 21 January 2008

One small step ...

For experienced bloggers, this may seem a little silly, but since I'm still wearing my "L" plates when it comes to many things web and computer related, as Neil Armstrong said this is indeed a "huge step" for me to take! You see, I usually turn to my trusty sidekick "Geek Boy" (AKA my long-suffering, far-too-clever-for-his-own-good, computer-genius husband Scott!) to handle the technological advancements for my litle corner of the world. He obviously took a passing comment a little too personally, though, which has left me in the drivers' seat. You see, it all began when my mate Mary from Fresh Hope Patterns ( asked whether I thought we should add a blog to the FH Patterns web site. I, in turn, consulted my handy computer expert who said he'd do a little bit of research for me. (Note: "Geek Boy" is never happier than when researching some new computer-related subject, so little encouragement was really needed!!) During said research, he showed me a test sentence he'd typed, to which I replied, "So, if we go with a Blog, I'll be doing the writing, hey?" Me and my big mouth!

So, I do hope you'll all bear with me (no pun intended, considering my business name and main design focus!) as I learn my way around this new mysterious 'blogging' thing. Not sure how I'll go, as I've never even been able to keep a diary for more than a few days, but I'll give it a shot. Hopefully, I'll provide you with a few giggles at my exploits along the way as you get to know me a little more and hear about what's happening at the home of Tag Along Teddies.

Hmmm, it suddenly occurs to me that I should introduce myself a little for those who haven't yet met me through my web site ( My name is Kris Meares and I operate a craft design business called Tag Along Teddies - because the bears just want to 'tag along' home with you! My craft career began at the tender age of three when my Mum showed me how to hand stitch two pieces of fabric together and stuff them to make a pin cushion. In hindsight, I believe this was a clever ploy on her part to keep me busy so she could undertake the dressmaking she wanted to finish!! Little did she realise where that first creative foray would end up! All through school, I drove Mum and the school librarian mad in my extensive search for craft 'how to' books and the materials needed to make the featured projects. I later dabbled in a wide and varied array of crafts including: card making, fabric-covered frames and albums, pottery, screen printing, silk painting, spinning (I still have the lovely little Thumbelina spinning wheel!), knitting, crochet (had to do something with all that spun wool!), applique`, patchwork, quilting, embroidery, folk art, cloth doll making and bear making. My mother, who actually began this journey for me, now shakes her head in bewilderment!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

While I still dabble in a number of these crafts, some have been tried and set aside. My main focus these days is on bears - of all shapes and sizes. I learned to make heirloom mohair bears in a class taught by a friend of a friend and have been hooked ever since. For a while, I designed and made limited edition mohair bears which I sold through a wonderful little shop on the Sunshine Coast - Bears On the Wharf. A couple of years down the designing track, I was asked to teach a bear making class at our local church craft group. The ladies were keen to make bears, but wary of making mistakes on the fairly expensive mohair. So ... I came up with the first of my designs to be made from a bath towel dyed with Parisian essence - Olive Bear. Since then the Tag Along Teddy family, or hug as a group of bears is called, has grown somewhat and now also includes sticheries, wall hangings, bags, cloth dolls and more. Many designs feature bears, though my imagination occassionally skips off in a different direction!

Well, I think I've written enough for my first foray into this brave new electronic world, so I shall sign off and go make myself a nice cup of tea before bed! Til next time,

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