Wednesday, 16 July 2008

In A Fog!

I was in a bit of a fog this morning! OK, so first thing in the morning that may be normal!!!! But today, I mean it literally! You see, we've had some welcome rain in the last couple of days, which brought slightly warmer temperatures - HOORAY!! but when you combine the warmer rain air with the previous cold conditions you get .... FOG! Now, while I live in Toowoomba, I travel 20 minutes drive north to go to work each morning. It's quite a nice drive, but one of the hazards of being on top of the Great Dividing Range, particularly in winter and after rain, is ... FOG! Today the drive was mostly in the clear, until I turned off the highway to head to our little village. It's in a bit of a valley and today, the fog had settled. While I'm not fond of driving in it, I love the visual effect of fog - that soft, gauzy, almost dream-like state it creates. And I particularly love seeing fog swirling around big stands of trees - I always expect the faeries to peek out from behind the tree trunks, only to disappear with a spin and a giggle back into the mist. Yeah, I know ... one day my vivid imagination is going to get me into trouble!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So, on arriving in our misty little valley this morning, I decided to snap a few happy snaps to try to capture the cool natural 'special effects'. I was standing in the middle of the main entry road (I looked both left and right first!) when my boss spotted me and asked what I was doing ... standing in the middle of the road! I told him I was taking fog photos. He was quiet for a moment and then gave me one of those 'boy' looks (you know the ones that make you think the male involved is thinking, "Nod, smile, don't alarm her - it's probably hormonal!!") and wanted to know why I was taking photos of fog. I tried to explain that I wasn't really taking photos of "FOG" as such, but of things IN THE FOG. I'm pretty sure he still didn't get it! I told him he can be such a BOY sometimes! He didn't get THAT either! Tee! Hee! Hee! However, I did snap a couple of cool photos and thought I'd share them with you.

The windmill is kind of like the mascot/logo for the village, a bit of an Aussie icon, but the fog turned something practical into pretty, softening the edges and light a bit.

I love this photo with the one main tree looking clearer, while you can see the other trees less distinctly in the background. You can also see a little bit of the "work in progress" status of this part of the village. We're adding 11 new units, but the rain stopped work today - perfect to allow me to snap my photos!

And this is how the fog closed in as I was arriving at work - you can actually see my Baby car in the bottom right corner. I love big trees - definitely a greeny at heart!! And this one looked positively magical in the mist - can you see the elves and pixies waving? Hmmmm, perhaps it's time I went to bed and caught up on some sleep!!!

So, there you go. That was the magical, misty start to my morning. Have to email the photos to my boss to show him what I meant by "fog photos"!! No sewing progress to show today, as I'm still working on birthday presents and can't reveal secrets yet, as several of the soon-to-be-recipients pop in to visit my blog from time to time! Will take photos when things are finished and save them for a post after the items have arrived at their new homes. Hope you have a great day tomorrow and aren't too much in a fog! Bear Hugs!


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Kerryanne English said...

Hi Kris.
I love your fog photos and there is something very magical and appealing about fog.....not if you have to drive in it of course becasue that is a bit scary.

I like those foggy mornings in Melbourne becasue it usually means we are in for a lovely sunny afternoon.


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