Sunday, 27 July 2008

Lynette, Lunch & Lazing Around!

Never fear! I'm still here! I've just been in hibernation mode this week as it's been soooooooooo cold! We started the week with three days in a row where the temperature didn't get above 10 degrees and that's not taking the wind chill factor into account!! And then it rained, which just made it NASTIER!! I know we needed the rain and I'm pleased to report that our tank is again full (after my little mishap a few weeks ago whilst filling the fish pond!!) but it does make the weather bitter and encourage both me and my beloved Geek Boy to go into hibernation. And as I've said before, the office and sewing room are the two coldest rooms in the house, so I've avoided spending too much time in either room - but I'm back now!

In a bid to escape our bitter weather for a while - as well as catch up with my mad mate! - I headed to Brisbane for a day on Friday to catch up with my best-friend-since-primary-school Lynette. It had been a while since we'd had a play day - I think the Stitches and Craft Show was the last one - so we decided it was time to schedule an outing. Now it was decided it would be a pretty low-key kind of outing, as Lynette was recovering from a nasty head cold and a bout of laryngitis (must've nearly killed her to not be able to talk! Tee! Hee! Hee!). So, we decided to head for one of our fave haunts, a big garden centre/gift shop/coffee shop for a yummy lunch.

After umming and ahhing for a while over a tasty menu, Lynette decided on a Moroccan Chicken wrap and I chose the Paela with chicken and chorizo. We then sat and chatted, flirted wtih the waiter and enjoyed our drinks as we waited for lunch to arrive. Here it is ...

Here's Lynette ready to attack her healthy, yummy looking lunch. And here's my Paela.

Doesn't it look good? It tasted pretty darn good, too!! We both also had yummy deserts (sticky date pudding and caramel pudding) but they disappeared so quickly that I didn't get a photo! Tee! Hee! Hee! We had a delicious lunch - as we always do when we hit the garden centre (really must find out it's proper name!!) and part of it is the lovely lunch surroundings - it IS a nursery, after all! This was our lunch view.

It was very relaxing. I always find water features in gardens and nature very soothing - someone said it's because my star sign is Pisces, but I think it's just cos they're pretty!!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So ... after lunch, we felt OBLIGED to check out the gift shop which was fun, but also messed with my mind a bit. You see, they've been having Christmas in July, so there were Christmas carols playing over the loudspeakers - which really freaked me out, since I'm only about half way through my birthday list for the year, never mind Christmas pressies!!!! However, I did manage to put aside my premature-yuletide-stress-syndrome long enough to find some goodies.

The gardening book is a birthday pressie for my Mother-in-law who's a mad keen gardener, the cool little tape measure is for me because I'm ALWAYS tangling my tape measures and losing them, so I thought this might help keep track of it; and the little canvasses are going to be put aside for when I get around to ordering my copy of "Shabby Doodles" from Kerryanne at Shabby Art Boutique. I'm intending to paint some cupcakes, but since I'm painting impaired and haven't actually got around to ordering the book from Kerryanne ... it's kind of a long term goal!!!

So ... that was my fun day with Lynette. We'll be catching up again soon when we attend day one of the Stitcher's Dream Day Out hosted by The Quilter's Angel on September 20 and 21. If you haven't popped in to see Marian and book your place - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! All bookings and payments have to be in by August 1, so don't miss out! I'll be popping in this week to make the final payment for Lynette and I - can't wait! For the day out, that is, not having to pay! Tee! Hee! Hee! I've heard wonderful stories about past Stitcher's Dream Days Out and can't wait to be part of the fun! Will soon start counting sleeps!!

Today was a bit of a clean up day for GB and me - the last few weeks seem to have been so hectic and/or cold, that little has been done around our place in the way of chores or housework, so today we rolled up our sleeves and got stuck in. The lounge room has finally completed its metamorphosis from Harem Hideaway to Country Haven again, with all of the furry occupants happy to be back in their warm lounge after an enforced holiday in the spare room. I have to say, it's nice to have their cheerful furry faces back! However, after lunch, the clouds rolled in again and the temperature dropped enough that we both decided the lounge room was the place to be. GB watched a bit of mindless sport. And what did I do? Here's a hint...

You guessed it! I curled up on the couch under my flannel blankie with a mystery/romance book and a cup of hot chocolate - that's how best to deal with winter!!

So ... that's what I've been up to this week when I seemed to drop off the edge of the blogosphere, but hopefully this week will be a bit warmer and I'll have more energy. Who knows, I may even get some more work done towards finishing some of my projects for Peg's challenge! Peg, that stitching superwoman, has finished number SIX project!! WOW! I reckon her machine has been working overtime in the last month or so!! Well done Peg! And thanks again for hosting the challenge and encouraging some of us UFO collectors to get a few projects finished! Of course, if I get my butt back into sewing mode (not that my butt plays a large part in stitching!!!) I should really make a start on my bag for Linda's Bag/bucket swap. I had a sneaky email from the stitcher who's making me a bag - she sent if from a friend's address so I wouldn't know who she is. Looking at a few little clues, I think she may be from Norway, or Sweden, or Finland, or ... OK, so I'm a pretty broad guesser!!! It will be very exciting to receive a bag that someone's made especially for me!! Not many of my friends are into craft, quilting and sewing like I am, so I'm usually GIVING hand made pressies, not GETTING them. Which is fun too, so I shouldn't complain, but the switcharoo will be fun. Hmmm, now I just have to decided on what I'm going to make for MY swap partner ?????? No clues!!

So, I'm off to watch Dr Who and flick through a few craft mags and pattern books - it's a good excuse, isn't it!! Hope you're having a great week and enjoying your stitching. Til next time - Bear Hugs!



Debbie L said...

Thank goodness, I was about to call the cavalry. Since u usually blog twice a week! Glad nothing drastic has happened, like the imagination imagined.

I have tried posting on Linda's site, but it doesn't like me bcos I don't have a blog site. So could u pass on to her my regards and that I am enjoying her site, please?

What is the book? it looks jolly interesting. Explain next time we talk!

I give u pressies! Mind u, they're nearly always bags...!But I have something else for u for Christmas...Looking at the lounge, I'm wondering if I ought to send it now b4 u hit your christmas sewing frenzy. What say U? (as if I didn't know!)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Do you ever stop.....thanks for the kind words..

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