Monday 21 July 2008

Scarf, Swap & Socialising!

Just a quick post today, as it is overcast, cold and windy - AGAIN!! - and the coldest room in our house is the office - where the computer is!! BRRRRRRR!!! My fingers are little icicles already, so please excuse any typos!! Well, time is marching on, July is winding down and I have just ten days left to meet my goal of Finishing Five By The End Of July. Hmmm ... pretty sure it ain't gonna happen! Especially since I've interrupted my momentum so I can make a few birthday and 'just because' gifties. Still, if I count these projects, I had a finish on the weekend ...

No silly! Not the bear (tho he is a cutie - his name is Myron!!) the scarf he's modelling! For all of you who have been expressing concern at my "inner pink lover" coming out, don't be distressed - it's for one of the residents where I work! A very sweet lady who lives in the retirement village where I work popped into my office last week to lend me a couple of books by Barbara Johnson (one of my fave authors!), so this is a little "just because/thank you" gift for her. She also called me a ray of sunshine, so I'm keeping her! Tee! Hee! Hee! I'm not much of a knitter, but I've lost count of how many of these fuzzy scarves I've knitted in the last four years for myself and others - big needles, pretty fuzzy wool and straight stitching - even I can't go wrong with that!! So, that's my weekend finish - even if it's not one of the projects I nominated for Peg's challenge, I was pleased to get it done.

I received an email today from Linda telling me who my Bag/Bucket Swap partner is! Oooooohhhh!! How exciting! And it all has to be secret squirrel!! However, I'm 98% sure my swap partner hasn't visited my blog, so I'll be able to show sneaky peeks along the way to tease you all - and make you wish you'd signed up for Linda's swap! Tee! Hee! Hee! I'm also thinking of posting some easy-to-follow instructions on how to make a straight forward bag with paper bag corners and lining - if anyone is interested. If you'd like me to do this, leave a comment and I'll put it on my list of "Things To Do".

And finally, we took some time out to do some socialising on the weekend. We were invited to dinner at the new home of the friends I made the Chocolate Mousse quilt for, Amelia and Matt. Amelia works with my beloved Geek Boy and since they've been busy planning an upcoming overseas holiday, they decided organising a house warming party was NOT going to happen, so they invited us for dinner instead. YUM! We had home-cooked gourmet pizzas, individual trifles and lots of good company. And although I didn't take photos of our yummy dinner, I DID get a photo of Amelia and Matt snuggled under their quilt.

Isn't that sweet!! Amelia said she'd been wondering how to give their lounge room that nice 'homey, cosy' look and the Chocolate Mousse quilt added exactly the right touch! Isn't it great when you make something for someone and they REALLY appreciate it? Makes all the work, pricked fingers and missing skin worthwhile! Tee! Hee! Hee!

And speaking of snuggle rugs ... I think I'm off to snuggle under mine in front of the heater and some Midsomer Murder DVD's to work on finishing the other gifties I'm making. I'm hoping to get back to my challenge projects later in the week, but we'll see how we go!! Even if I don't, to have finished two long-term projects has been fantastic, so thanks again Peg for sharing your challenge with us! Until next time, stay snuggly! Bear Hugs!



Anonymous said...


Just me again, can u beam the MM Dvds to my place too?
Today is sooocold&windy, my draft stopper keeps getting blown from under the door I use it on and skittering across my floor like a demented snake. And our mower catcher went flying past the window a little earlier, followed closely by the two plants it took out on its way past. Oy vey.

Keep warm hon! Keeping an eye out for that special pic u wanted to find too, no luck so far, but I live in hope...! Deb

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Kris, is soooooo chilly here too. I didn't even linger at the computer today choosing to bunker down in my nice warm studio instead. Hardly seems worth heating a whole house when I am the only one home so I turned off the ducted heating when I dropped the girls at school.....big mistake!!! So the studio was nice and warm and the bonus was I got lots done today. It really is 'begining to look a lot like Christmas' in my workroom now.
Stay warm my friend,

Carin said...

It was 97 degrees F here today. I would rather it was chilly then I could wrap up in a quilt. Take off to many clothes and I scare people. :O)

I need to get my teddy ready for the plane trip coming up I need to make sure he hasn't packed any nail clippers or trial size shampoo I want to make it through security.LOL!!!

Must crack the whip back to packing HUGS!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Cold day here as well huge frost this morning....two completions I think that is stop and make gifts for others no better reason and so much more important...the bag swap is exciting I also received details of my swappie... xx

Bek said...


Why is it that the office is the coldest room in the house. Mine is as well. I am glad today is such a lovely day.
We will have to get together soon. 46388498.


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