Tuesday 29 October 2019

Day 12 Of The 2019 Road Trip!

Happy Tuesday to you all! Brace yourselves ... This is likely to be a shorter-than-usual post. 😁 Really we're at the part of our holiday where we've done most of the things we'd planned to do (& spent most of the play money! πŸ˜‚) so we're not going very far afield & just taking it a little easier.

Today we took ourselves off to the nearby town of Strathalbyn. We paid a flying visit there last year as we passed through, so decided to have more of a look around. It's a pretty town that is also known to have several antique & collectible shops, so you KNOW I was keen to take a peek! 😜 On our way, we drove past a lovely stone cottage that thousands of people around Australia would be familiar with ... Sophie Thompson of Gardening Australia on ABC lives 'just down the road' from where we're staying. I couldn't get a pic because it was back from the road with lots of lovely gardens blocking most of it & a tour bus blocking the rest! Ah well ... I can now picture what the landscape is like when next I watch GA. 😁

On arriving in Strathalbyn we discovered it's a town that lives for weekends, with a couple of the shops I'd hoped to visit being closed except for the weekend. SIGH! But we DID manage to find a couple! 😜 And, yes ... A few new treasures will be coming home with me. 😁 As well as enjoying shuffling through treasures, we enjoyed driving around the town admiring the lovely stone buildings that are characteristic of this area ...

This is the tourist information office, housed in the old railway station building.

One of the antique shops visited.

A gorgeous church building.

All in all, we had a nice cruisy day ... & enjoyed some delicious macarons at the bakery with our lunch. 😁 

And that's our last play day here in the Adelaide Hills. GB has his work training day in Adelaide tomorrow before we start to wind our way north again on Thursday. SIGH! Neither of us are really ready to go back to our grown up jobs, but I guess we need to so we can start saving for the next holiday. 😝 Til next time ...



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Janice said...

What a delightful little town. You’re giving us ideas for when we finally get down that way.

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