Friday, 18 April 2008

Cure For Writer's Block!!

I've found a cure for writer's block - a good dose of retail therapy! Tee! Hee! Hee! For some time now, I've been trying to motivate myself to write instructions for a couple of new patterns, but every time I sit down to write ... nothing!! So, today I decided to walk away from it for a while, grabbed Deb, one of my dancing buddies, and off we went to the shops!!

We hit one of the local shopping centres that I often avoid because the car park is invariably like a demolition derby, but there were several shops I needed to visit for specific items that I couldn't get anywhere else. Deb was a noble and loyal friend and came with me and we had a lovely time! As much as I love him, my beloved Geek Boy (like most of the male population!!) absolutely LOATHES shopping! In fact, he would happily never set foot in another shopping centre and instead, order everything on line!!! SIGH! So, shopping with a female friend is much more conducive to a fun excursion!!

We smelt perfumes, tested lippy, experimented with eyeshadow, admired jewelry, giggled at all the 'latest fashions' that we remember from our teenage years, grumbled that all the 'good' styles are in smaller sizes, enjoyed a coffee and browsed through movies and while we mostly looked, each of us did end up with a few rustle-ly bags full of goodies! Here's my stash ...

I got the latest "Homespun" magazine (my fave craft mag and the Managing Editor was in the same uni class as me!), used a gift voucher I received for my birthday to buy a James Patterson novel (love the TV show, checking out the books!) and my hand cream and perfume from The Body Shop. I'm REALLY fussy about hand cream, as a lot of crafters are, because there's nothing worse than the needle shooting out of your hand because your hand cream is too greasy or having your fingers catch on fabric because the hand cream doesn't moisturise! And since my fave perfume was discontinued (Monsoon) the only replacement I've found that comes close to the same scent is "Oceanus", a Body Shop standard.

I had been a good girl, stayed in my budget and got only the items on my shopping list and Deb and I were heading for the escalators to head home when ... we spotted a craft stall in the middle of the walkway that we just HAD to check out! And we found really groovy beaded curtain ties (though I don't think either of us actually intend to put them on a curtain!!!) It seemed like fate - there was one in purple (Deb's signature colour), green (MY signature colour!) and pink, the signature colour of the third member of our belly dancing trio, Lynda. We absolutely HAD to have them!! I found a home for mine on the handle of one of my stack of ports (suitcases to all non-Queenslanders!)

I loooooove old ports!! Here's a closer photo of the beaded tie.

The combination of feathers and beads was just too much to resist!!

So ... how is this curing my writer's block, you may ask! Well ... when I got home, I decided to take photos of my goodies to show off on my blog and then thought I'd have another shot at getting some instructions written and ... WHAT DO YOU KNOW! The words started to flow and I was able to think of how to word instructions so they should make sense to someone other than me!! I even had my own personal cheer squad ...

Tee! Hee! Hee! Bonnie and the Bears (sounds like a pop band!!) are currently sitting on my mostly-tidy computer desk to remind me of where I'm up to!

So ... there you go!! Next time you're procrastinating or struggling to write something, the cure is very simple - grab a friend and hit the shops! Of course, husbands everywhere are now going to hunt me down and beat me over the head with their credit cards, no doubt!! Not that most of us really need TOO much encouragement to indulge in some retail therapy! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Anyways, it's time I saved my instruction files and organised something for dinner. Hope you enjoy a spot of retail therapy to relax this weekend - or like me, enjoy the fruits of such an excursion! Til next time, Bear Hugs!


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Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Kris,
What fun you and your shopping buddies have had.

I've just discovered we have something else in common...spooky isn't it......I too have this weird addiction to suitcases. I've filled my house with them so much so that when I buy them now I have to paint them and sell them. Lucky for me, hubby has this weird attraction to them too so he indulges my fetish. We have ours stacked on an old brass railway luggage rack which we have on the wall of our living area. I'll send you a photo of it - you would probably love all the old teddies that reside in, on and around my old luggage too. LOL
Bear hugs to you and yours,

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