Tuesday, 22 April 2008

It's Raining ... Dogs?!?

You've heard the saying, "It's raining cats and dogs", well in our household tonight, it just seemed to be raining ... dogs!! I'll start by explaining that, before Lilly came to live with us, our Border Collie, Wombat, was happy to be an outdoor dog. Occasionally, when he'd had a bath and didn't smell like something that had been dead a week!! he was allowed in for a tummy scratch, but was always happy to head for the door after about 10 minutes - or if we stopped scratching his tummy! However, when Lilly joined our family and began to spend evenings on a rug on the lounge room floor, Wombat decided if it was good enough for "her" it was good enough for him ... and so a second rug was added to the lounge room floor.

So ... there we were tonight, two dogs curled up on the mat, two humans curled up on the couch watching the finale of "It Takes Two" - all's right and mellow with the world! Suddenly, we started to hear thunder rumbles, quiet at first, but getting a bit closer. That's OK, the dogs got a little antsy, but were still happy on their mats. Than, it began to rain, gradually building to quite a heavy downpour (yep, that old section of the roof has still got a leak when it rains heavily!). Still, all was OK. And THEN, the inevitable storm moment hit us - a bright flash of lightning, followed mere seconds later by an almighty clap of thunder! Scott nearly hurt himself laughing, as he said all three of us (me and two dogs) almost hit the ceiling together. OK, so my nerves are a little frayed around loud noises, I can live with that! The dogs, on the other hand did NOT cope well in the aftermath!! This is the result ...

It was pretty much a dead-heat to see who climbed onto Scott's lap the quickest! There goes Wombat's macho image - wait til all the other dogs in the neighbourhood see this photo!! Tee! Hee! Hee! The funniest part probably wasn't that Wombat ended up on Scott's lap along with the more-expected-fraidy-cat Lilly, no, it was the look of complete disgust on Lilly's face at having to share Scott's lap!! Oh dear! Who needs kids?!?! Needless to say, even the inimitable Geek Boy couldn't manage to balance two dogs (one not REALLY meant to be a lap dog!) AND the notebook computer, so he was none too impressed either! And as for me?? My biggest concern was not falling off the couch laughing at all three of them and the VERY comic picture they made!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So, that was a rather exciting ending to a productive day. Not only did I complete the instructions for Berry Basket Bonnie that I've been procrastinating about for some time, I ALSO finished the Card Kit layout and instructions for the "All Things Grow With Love" wall hanging! Yay me!! Both are now ready to print, which will probably be a job added to this weekend's job list. I also re-took photos of both projects, as I hadn't been very happy with the originals. These are the new ones - what do you think?

This is Bonnie, all set up for her tea party with friends Katie and Tilly. I'm sure if anyone had arrived while I was setting up for the photo they'd have thought I had more than a few screws loose! To get her to look her best for the photo, Bonnie had to be hanging on the wall, but I really wanted the tea party makings near her, so ... the only way I could do that was to raise a flat surface to her level! Imagine, if you will, a folk art decorated cream can with a plastic wheelie box balanced on it, which in turn, has two different size boxes balanced on top, with a tablecloth and doily spread over it and the tea things set up just so!!! Probably worth a photo in itself! Hmmm, perhaps I'll do that next time!! And then, there's the new photo of the Card Kit wall hanging.

I like how vivid the red looks against the blue and white dinner set - a birthday gift from my beloved Geek Boy a few years ago!

So ... with two lots of pattern instructions crossed off my "To Do" list, I think that means I'm allowed back into the sewing room to play tomorrow! YAY!! Ooooohhhh!! What mischief can I find in there?!! All that fabric ... all those wonderful colours ... all the pretty ribbons and laces ... all the possibilities!!! OOPS! Creativity rush!!! Tee! Hee! Hee! Will keep you posted on the outcomes of my creative play! Now, however, I think all of that thinking has drained my batteries and it's time to visit my pillow. Til next time, Bear Hugs!


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Kerryanne English said...

Hi Kris,
You had me laughing along with you - oh your poor babies. We shouldn't really be laughing at them. My Gypsie dog and my big girl Jess both hate storms. If I hear rumbles in the distance during the night I don't even wait for it to come. I go straight up to Jessica's room with Gypsy tucked under one arm and hop into her double bed. When the first big clap of thunder arrives I tell her I am there. not sure who gets more hysterical.....Gypsy or Jess.

Me, I love to sit and watch storms. I think they are quite magical.


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