Sunday, 27 April 2008

I'm a Baaaaaaad Girl!!

Yes, I'm a VERY baaaaaad girl!! I have a very loooooong list of "things to do" and what did I do today?? I started another quilt!! Oops! I don't know why I keep doing this to myself and really all I can say in my defence is, "It's not for me!!"

We had friends come round for desert and coffee last night, which was great fun - deserts are the funnest cooking projects, aren't they!! (I made one of my specialities - apple and ginger pudding with custard - YUMMMMM!!!) Now, it's been getting a little cooler at night here in Toowoomba, so I've dragged out my flannel quilt that I made a couple of years ago (the one I've actually FINISHED!!) And I noticed our friends both tucking cold tootsies under the quilt last night, as well as brushing the soft fabric. So ... I thought I'd like to make them one for their own lounge chair. As they're moving in the next month, I thought it would be a great housewarming gift and, me being me, couldn't wait to get started. I don't know about you fellow bloggers, but once I've had an idea for a new project I want to drop whatever I'm working on and start the new one right NOW!!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So ... off I went on what turned into a bit of a patchwork shop crawl, in search of flannel in 'autumn' tones to match our friends' lounge. Hmmm, guess what?? Autumn tones are NOT in this season!! Aaaaarrrrgghhhh!!!! I found lots of soft pastels and lots of brights so bright that I'd need to wear sunglasses in my lounge room (tho my toes would be warm!!) So after an exhaustive search I found a couple of fabrics that I thought would do the job, then I hit the sewing room. And here's the result of my stitching ...

So far, I have some big nine-patch blocks done, with intentions of putting dark sashing between all the blocks. Here's a closer look at the patterns on the fabrics.

They're lovely warm golden/brown tones that remind me of chocolate mousse - or is that a rumbling tummy looking for a midnight snack! Tee! Hee! Hee! Perhaps I'll call it my Chocolate Mousse Quilt! There's nothing much better than curling up under a hand made quilt on a cold winter's night with a good book and a hot chocolate - it's one of the few things I DO like about winter!!

The only downside to my flannel finding expedition today was that I'll have a little less play money to spend on Thursday when I head for Brisbane for the Stitches and Craft Show!!! YAY!! My best buddy, Lynette, and I are planning a play date and I'm really looking forward to it - so much to see, so many wonderful crafts and so many clever people to chat to! I'll be sure to take my camera when I go so I can report back!!

Now, however, I have a sudden craving for hot chocolate and a good book! Tee! Hee! Hee! Hope you're cosily cuddled up tonight! Til next time, Bear Hugs!


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