Tuesday 29 April 2008


No, they aren't holding the World Castanet Championships in my lounge room, that's just my teeth chattering!! Brrrrrr!! Toowoomba is experiencing what the weather man calls a "Cold Snap". I think that means it's going to get so cold that your fingers might snap off if you go outside!!! I should probably warn you all now, I HATE, HATE, HATE, really seriously dislike!!! Cold weather!!! SIGH! It could be a loooooooog winter! Must tell Linda from Lilly Cottage that the cold weather I warned her about when she visited several weeks ago has shown up with friends now!!! In fact, it's been so cold the last two nights that I even told my beloved, also-cold-hating, Geek Boy that he could drag the ugly-but-effective gas heater out of storage about a month before I thought we should need it. As I type this, it is currently 9 degrees in the Garden City of Toowoomba and predicted to drop to 6 degrees. Now, I hear all of you overseas types sneering at me and calling me a wimp cos it doesn't even SNOW here, but let me just say in my defence, there's a REASON I've not chosen to live somewhere where it snows!!!

OK, so now that I've updated you on the weather in Toowoomba and my personal hatred of temperatures below 25 degrees ... what have I been up to - besides counting my play money ready to go play at the Stitches and Craft Show in Brisbane on Thursday!! I've been slaving over a hot sewing machine, working on the flannel quilt I showed the beginnings of last post. The top is now finished and looks like this ...

Hmmm, it ended up a little larger than I originally envisaged - why does that always seem to happen to me!!! Ah well, just means it'll be plenty big enough for two to snuggle under, doesn't it! So now I just have to work out how I'm going to quilt it... Still thinking!!

Apart from a little hand stitching on a couple of new stitchery patterns I'm working on, that's about all I've been up to in the last day or so - apart from the odd chat over a cuppa of course! Tee! Hee! Hee! So, I shall sign off for now and be back after my craft show expedition, no doubt with lots of goodies to show and stories to tell!! If you're going to be in Bris for the craft show on Thursday, maybe I'll see you there - you'll be able to recognise me as I'll be the one rubbing my hands together in glee and muttering, "So many fabrics, so many beads, so many pretties - so little play money!!" Tee! Hee! Hee! Til next time, Bear Hugs!



Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Kris,
I want to shout 'me too, me too' cause I hate cold weather as well. I recon I probably get a bigger dose of it here in Melbourne. I have always said I should move to Queensland where it is warmer but now you have the cold weather too. What's going on with our weird climate???

Love the quilt you have made for your friends. What a generous and thoughtful gift.

Hope you have a deleriously happy adventure at the Craft Show on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah so now it is cold!!!! Tim has just been on School Camp and must have been thinking about our HOT toowoomba experieince when he was packing as he only took the bare minimum and then froze completely as the temperature at Sunday Creek plummeted to 2 degrees and he had to sleep in his clothes!!! If only he had taken what we packed for Toowoomba!! Have fun at the craft show, i went today and it was busy but it seems a lot smaller than usual to me and lots of beads and stuff but nothing too outstanding. This is from the woman who managed to spend a small fortune! Kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage ( and the second unnamed store)

Linda said...

Hiya Kris,
I hope that you are having a wonderful time at the show spending all your play money. I hate the cold too, that's why I don't live in the mountains like some. LOL Hey I can remember one year when I was much younger that it did snow in Toowoomba, or did I just dream it?
Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.
Cheers Linda

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