Monday, 14 April 2008

Fair, Friends and Fun!

I think that about sums up my weekend! And the highlight of the weekend was the fact that we shared it with friends! Linda from Lilly Cottage and her hubby Tim and kids were in Toowoomba to check out an antiques and collectibles fair, and we had a ball! Being a bit more on the early bird side than me and my beloved Geek Boy, Linda and Tim were at the fair before us (yes, amidst some eye rolling, Scott accompanied me!), but Linda did leave some goodies for me to drool over!! I found a lovely sandwich plate with some simple roses on it ...

Doesn't it look great with some of Kerryanne's faux cupcakes from Shabby Art Boutique? And I added to my growing collection of china decorated with violets with another trio.

There's just something about the combination of the deep purple with dark green on a white china background that catches my eye every time! There was also a wonderful old wicker sewing basket that I coveted, but it was out of my budget, so, with a resigned sigh, I left it there.

Linda and I then played "Marco Polo" on mobile phones to find each other in the crowd so we could adjourn to Laurel Bank Park for a civilised cup of tea and a sit down! Laurel Bank Park was set up in memory of a local woman who was vision impaired but loved gardens, so it is full of all sorts of scented plants. Some were lovely, like the lemon thyme and rosemary, but others were a bit 'on the nose' or as Linda described them, "smelt like cat's pee"! Tee! Hee! Hee! We also met some more of Linda's friends - whose names I've forgotten!!! Oh no! Sorry Linda's friends!! I remember faces really well, but am hopeless with names! I sometimes think I'm doing well if I remember MY name and there are DEFINITELY days where I think I need a name tag that says "My name is KRIS. If lost please return to..." ! Tee! Hee! Hee!

After thus fortifying ourselves, we all ventured a little north to Highfields to enjoy the wonderful shopping/browsing/husbands' seat in the shade!! of the Village Green complex. It was great fun sharing some of my favourite shopping spots with Linda and nice for Scott and Tim to have someone to sit patiently in the shade with and chat!! They were both VERY patient men!! Linda found some lovely fabrics at Quilters Angel, before we called it a day and joined our menfolk in the shade for a delicious snack and cool drinks. A nice way to end the afternoon!

We then went our separate ways for a few hours before meeting up to attend a bush dance held at our local church hall - where the kids had a ball!!! Somehow, the kids had Tim and Scott dancing to most of the dances, even if it was on the sidelines so they didn't get lost in the crowd, which led to me taking this photo of Scott as he was recovering from one of the more strenuous dances and deciding he really wasn't as fit as he used to be!!

I still think he's pretty cute!!

Sunday saw Linda, Tim and the kids head off in search of several different market days in the region, while Geek Boy retreated to play with his computer (I'm not playing, I'm working!! Aaa-huh, we believe you, Sweetie!!) and I finished off a wall hanging that's been ALMOST finished for some time.

You may have to click on the photo and enlarge it to get a better view of the actual stitchery design, which is a dove with an olive branch in his beak - it was a bit challenging to get the light/colours right to show off the fabulous fuchsia as well as show up the dove stitched in grey/brown. It may seem a bit familiar to some of you, as I showed off the cushion with this stitchery design and the same eye-catching fabrics a little while ago. This is number two item for what will be a trio of projects for a new pattern I'm donating to Fresh Hope Patterns. Miss Mary has been very patient with an easily-sidetracked designer! The stitchery for the third project of this pattern has been completed, I just have to finish making it up then write the instructions! Oh no! Not MORE instruction writing!!!

Then, this morning dawned sunny and warm, which was perfect for a farewell picnic morning tea with Linda, Tim and the kids in another of Toowoomba's numerous parks.

Tim isn't in the photo as we had to have SOMEONE to take it and the only other one around was a kelpie dog, who didn't really look like a reliable photographer!!

So ... all in all, I enjoyed a wonderful, relaxed weekend. And it was nice to discover a 'couple' that Scott and I could enjoy spending time with as a 'couple'. You know how sometimes you get on well with someone but your hubby and her hubby have nothing in common? Well, Linda and I have been discovering for some time through blogging, emailing and my recent visit to her and Laura's wonderful shop, that we were like two peas in a pod, so it was nice to discover that Scott and Tim got along well, too. It made for a VERY enjoyable time all round!! Hmmmm, wonder when we can entice them back up the range for another visit! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Now it's back to reality ... I've just remembered that I need to pop a load of washing in or my beloved Geek Boy won't have a clean shirt for work tomorrow - oops! And then there's the decision of what to have for dinner and the ever-growing list of "things to do" ... SIGH!! The weekend respite was nice while it lasted! Hope you had a great weekend and are now ready to face the new week. Til next time, Bear Hugs!


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Anonymous said...

Hello there lovely Kris, I am so slack, but after such a busy weekend I am exhausted ( still a week later), that would explain my pasty face! It was a lovely lovery weekend and I agree it was sooo nice to have someone for the boys to talk to! We shall be back up on the range soon...WHEN IT IS COLD!!!!! kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

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