Saturday 27 October 2018

Day Seventeen - Chocolate & Views!

G'day all! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. Today was Day Seventeen of our road trip & it was a little quieter than the last few days. My folks, who are also road-tripping at the moment, arrived back here in the Adelaide Hills late Thursday after spending a couple of weeks in Western Australia. So today, after the morning was spent running a few errands, we all packed ourselves into Big Blue for a trip to not-too-far-away Stirling for afternoon tea at a specialty chocolate shop we'd been told about ... Red Cacao Chocolatier.

As well as a range of specialty chocolates, Red Cacao also has a coffee shop menu of tasty treats, most including some kind of chocolate.

Here's my treat. The drink was a salted caramel iced chocolate & the slice was YUMMO! :0) I can't actually remember what it was, though it included macadamia nut crumb base, passion fruit curd & white chocolate mousse. After we'd licked plates, spoons & slurped the last tasty drops from the bottom of cups & glasses, we drove to a lookout point to take in views of Adelaide ...

Hmmm ... As it turned out, it was quite hazy despite the fact it was a nice sunny day, so we could just make out the ocean. It showed us just how spread out Adelaide is.

My unwilling photo subjects! :0) we then piled back into Big Blue ... No mean feat considering we number some sizeable behinds amongst us! Tee! Hee! Hee!) & headed home for a bit of a lay-me-down before heading out for dinner tonight to help Mum & Dad celebrate their 51st wedding anniversary ... Which rolls around next week, but they wanted to celebrate while we were all in the one place.

And that was our low-key Saturday. Tomorrow is our last day here in the Adelaide Hills before we start winding our way home next week. We'll be sad to say goodbye to my Aunt & her Sweetie, but we have a few more adventures planned yet before we have to go back to pretending to be grown ups. :0) So ... Stay tuned & enjoy your Sunday. Til next time ...




Marilyn said...

Ooh that sounds very decadent and delicious. Hope you have enjoyed your evening out.

Janice said...

So good for you all to catch up over there. It sounds like yet another enjoyable day.

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