Thursday, 28 February 2008

A day of little surprises!

Well, today has been a bit of a mixed bag! It started in a lovely way, with Kerryanne English of Shabby Art Boutique letting me know she'd popped something special on her blog that might interest me - and lo and behold! There were some GORGEOUS photos of a Cupcake Katie doll that I sent her last week as a 'just becausee' gift! How lovely to see Katie enjoying her new home with Kerryanne - especially the photo of her amongst the faux cupcakes!! I borrowed this photo from Kerryanne to show you!

Doesn't she look right at home? To see more of Katie's adventures pop across to Kerryanne's blog - her roses are GLORIOUS!!

So ... that was a nice way to start the day. Then I did the housework thing by putting a load of washing in. While I was waiting for the washing machine to do its thing, I decided to have a little peek at the Lilly Cottage blog, which Kerryanne had mentioned on her blog. An hour later and I was still happily reading my way through the archives, but decided I'd better hang the washing. Now, it was at about that moment that I heard an ominous 'click'. No, not my brain exploding from thinking, the safety switch on the power box. So, off I went to investigate, my first stop being the laundry to check the second fridge - which was delegated second spot after a few similar incidents! (but the husband feels he MUST have a drinks fridge!!! Sigh!!) Plus, while there I thought again about hanging the washing.

A step out my back door and I didn't know whether to call an electrician, a plumber or Noah to come and rescue me!! Water, water everywhere! The hose from one of the taps to the washing machine had somehow been stretched at an odd angle and was shooting a fairly constant spray of water out - right on to the power point that powers both the fridge and the washing machine! Aha! Gurgle, gurgle!! I thought I'd found the culprit! After some extensive searching (where the heck does one find a spanner/shifter/tap-without-a-tap tightener!!) I found an overly large shifter that did the trick of stopping the water, unplugged said chords from powerpoint and thought that should do the trick.

After leaving soggy footprints up the hallway (I knew there was a good reason to opt for timber over carpet!!) I tried to re-engage the safety switch. Nope. So then I began a process that would have been really funny - had I been watching rather than participating in it!!! I would unplug an appliance and return to the safety switch to try it - thus hoping to work out exactly which appliance was the guilty party. After about a dozen trips back and forth (I didn't realise we had so many power points!! Why can we still never find enough?!?!) everything was unplugged except the computer, which I knew from past experience (the joys of owning an old house!!) was on a separate power board and unaffected and still the safety switch wouldn't 'switch'! So I did what any self-reliant, liberated woman of the new millenium would do - I called Scott!! Who promised to call an electrician for me - since the cordless phone doesn't work without power and a search for an electician had the potential to involve LOTS of calls! He called back soon and said someone would be out later in the afternoon and to just sit tight til then. Well ... what else was I likely to do with no power!!!

However, I took the opportunity (after finally hanging the washing!) to settle down in front of my computer and spent a happy hour - or two!! exploring the Lilly Cottage blog and getting to know Linda and Laura a little better. I've decided my next 'play date' with Lynette will have to include an excursion to Lilly Cottage to see their fabulous goodies in person! So... as a result, I have NOT had a productive day! I couldn't even boil the kettle for a cup of tea to calm my nerves! And the most frustrating part of this sad tale is that when the electrician arrived (thank you Owen, my hero!) he poked at the powerboard, tapped the fuses, switched the safety switch - and the rotten thing stayed on!!! I just don't understand! Owen was as befuddled as I so I felt a little better! He tested all powerpoints and concluded that it was just one of life's little mysteries, before heading off on his merry way! Sigh! At least I 'met' some new cyber friends and enjoyed drooling over lots of 'pretties'!!

In the midst of all of this, I heard the sound of laughter and thought the fairies were making sport of me, until I stepped out the front door and found a very handsome fellow looking down at me.

Isn't he lovely? I forgave him for laughing at me and chose to believe he was laughing at the silliness of life in general and not me personally. There is something about kookaburras that catches my imagination. We don't hear them very often, but just recently, we've had a pair move into the trees around our block and I often hear them chortling away to each other. Scott laughs at me because every time I hear them, I head outside to see if I can see them!! Today, I did! He helped me to remember my sense of humour and to laugh at the funny mental picture I had of myself traipsing back and forth between powerpoints and safety switch!

So ... whatever your day has been like, I hope you can take a leaf out of my kookaburra's book and laugh at the absurdity of life!! There's plenty to laugh at!! Til next time,



Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage said...

Hi Kris......oh somehow I feel so responsible....but then I might have saved your life and stopped you from getting electrocuted if you had gone earlier to attend to the washing....yes that is it, that make me feel better that you spent so much time visiting us at Lilly Cottage. We really are so glad you came to visit and would love to see you in our real life shop...drop us a message to let us know if you are popping by and we will bake a cake and put the kettle on!! Now I am off to spend an hour or so visiting you....yipee!! A new friend what fun! Kiss noises Linda( and Laura) Lilly Cottage.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Kris,
What an interesting adventure you have been on today...... and you still have your sense of humour - good for you. Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at the absurdity of life.

Looking on the bright side, you got to meet the lovely Linda and Laura of Lilly Cottage. Their adventures at Lilly cottage and with all things animalistic always have me in stitches.

Have a great weekend,

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Kris
Thanks for visiting my blog, I've had a good old read of yours and seems like you get up to loads of interesting things. Loved Kerryanne's cupcake doll. Thanks also for the reminder to keep our sense of true!!

Linda said...

Hi Kris,
What an eventful day you have had. I'm so glad that you were able to see the funny side of it all, we all need a good laugh every now and again or else we go insane. We also sometimes get the kookaburras in our yard and we always have to go out and find them, so far I haven't been able to get a good photo, yours is great. When a was little my Dad use to be able to do a kookaburra laugh that was so much like the real thing that it use to confuse the local kookaburras, it was so funny watching them try to work out where this other kookburra had come from.
Cheers Linda

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