Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Life's what happens when you're planning something else!

Have you ever had one of those days where you started off with a mental list of jobs to do toay only to find yourself completely sidetracked? It seems to happen to me fairly often and today was one of those days! I'm not saying I didn't get things done - just different things to those on my mental list! For instance, I decided that since the sun was out again after two rainy days, I would do some washing, a simple case of popping out to the laundry, loading it in, coming back when it's beeped at me, put in the next load and hang washing. Well, that was the plan! However, obviously our brainless-but-loveable Border Collie, Wombat, was ready to play after two days of hiding in the laundry out of the rain, because every time I bent down to get something out of the basket, I ended up with a cold, wet nose in my face! First, he brought the ball. When I ignored that, he brought ANOTHER ball (in case I was a bit slow and didn't get the idea of the game here!) Finally, when I ignored that too, he brought the frisbee and sat with that pleading look that only toddlers and dogs can give! See for yourself ...

As you can imagine, I finally gave in! Then, I sidetracked myself further when I decided to make a 'just because' gift for a friend. Of course, even amongst the many pieces of fabric in my stash I couldn't find just the right ones, so off I trotted to see Pauline at Quilters' World again - I told her I may as well move in there this week and she commented that she's often there at all hours herself when she can't get to sleep for all the ideas running around in her head! So back home I went and had barely got settled to start cutting out, when I heard the puttering of the postie's bike, so I headed for the front door to check the mail and spied two of the most gloriously coloured butterflies I've seen in ages. They were happily playing amongst the flowers of my overgrown cottage garden, flitting from the lavender to the Geisha Girls.

Aren't they a gorgeous aqua! Oh, and as a bonus you get to see what colour the front of our house is! Tee! Hee! Hee! You'll be pleased that I eventually came in from outside and got back to sewing. It's been a lovely and fairly productive day - just not the one I planned! Oh well, they say that life's what happens when you're planning something else!

Oh, I also had a little email from Kerryanne at Woodberry Designs to say she'd mentioned my 'bearbies' on her blog, so HAD to have a look! Wow! Isn't it great to get wonderful feedback from someone you admire! I was rather chuffed! And if you haven't already popped in for a read of Kerryanne's blog, you really should as she has all sorts of wonderful photos of her gorgeous shabby chic painting as well as lots of interesting comments!

Oh dear! There I've gone and done it again - rearranged the day's schedule AGAIN! Never mind, I'm flexible so will cope! Hope you've all had a great day - even if it wasn't what you were expecting when you started out this morning! Til next time,



Sugar Bear said...

Hello Kris,
Welcome to blogging! I'm coming over from Kerryanne's blog. Wombat is a cutie. Much like my little Schnauzer, Margot who has been stuck inside due to snow, ice and rain. I feel bad - she wants to play outside!

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Kris,
I wouldn't be able to resist Wombats adorable and pleading eyes. I have my own 'furry' painting buddy in Gypsy and sometimes she gets me side-tracked with a bit of rough and tumble or just a good old cuddle and smooch. And my kids think I am working when they are at school....if only they knew!!


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