Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Out and about ...

Yes, I've been out and about today, so no sewing done, although I stitched hard last night - more about that later! Today, I caught up with a good friend, Robyn, who I used to get together with once a week to stitch, but life seems to keep interrupting these days and our schedules rarely match. Today, they did, so we hit the road! We headed off to the Danish Dried Flower shop, where we admired their extensive range of dried flowers, beads and other arts and crafts supplies. We then decided we needed lunch to keep our shopping strength up, so ordered some tasty treats. Here's Robyn enjoying lunch.

Fortified once more, we hit the road again to visit Highfields - a growing suburb about 10 minutes north of Toowoomba. Here, we stopped off at the Village Green complex where we visited Herbal Harmonies. Herbal Harmonies is a fabulous little shop that has all sorts of pretty 'smellies', from soaps, hand creams, talcum powders and body sprays to scented candles, flavoured teas and spice mixtures, not to mention a huge range of giftwares. Gleeful rubbing together of hands!! I was on a mission to buy a birthday pressie for my Grandma, who I'll be visiting this weekend in Bundaberg. Mission accomplished! A pretty weekly planner, potpurri hanger and rose scented talc were purchased and are ready to wrap.

We then decided we needed a caffeine boost to sustain our spree, so popped into the Chocolate Cottage Coffee shop - about 20 steps from Herbal Harmonies!! That's the great thing about the Village Green complex, there are five fun-filled shops in a 'village green arrangement, looking out over spectacular valley views from Toowoomba's bit of the Great Dividing Range.

Our caffeine boost then took us to The Quilters' Angel patchwork shop where I bought a couple of lovely hangers and a piece of fabric that will make great pirate pants - you'll just have to wait and see about that one! We then trundled off home, tired, a little lighter of wallet, but happy - plus we had a great time chatting and catching up!

Now to the stitching of last night - combine it with one of my new hangers purchased today and you get ...

This is the prototype of my latest pattern, another Card Kit and the stitchery says, "All things grow with love!" It features some cute yellow timber buttons from my friend Lisa at Button Bliss and will be available for sale - just as soon as I write the instructions!! Groan!! I think next week had better be set aside for instruction writing, as my clever stitching fingers are getting ahead of my instruction-writing.

So, you can see that I have been productive, but taken time to smell (and drink!!) the coffee today - hope you did to! Til next time,



Kerryanne English said...

Hi Kris,
Sounds like you had a wonderful day out and your new stitchery is just beautiful - well done.

Pop over to my blog when you have time......I've given you an award because you make my day sparkle!!


Linda said...

Hi Kris,
I just found you through Kerryanne's blog. Your dolls are just beautiful, they are something that I always want to try to make but I could never find anyone in my area to show me how. I see that you live in beautiful Toowoomba, love that town. I use to always come up for the flower festival but not in the last couple of years, maybe I'm due for a Sunday drive up that way.
Cheers Linda

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