Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Extreme Make Over

Actually, it wasn't really an 'extreme' make over, but it definitely made a huge difference. I gave my attention today to my new 'bearby', Rupert, and what a difference a day can make! You just have to check the post previous to this one to see what Rupert looked like when he joined the Tag Along Teddies hug. And now for the big reveal ...

He had radical eye surgery to receive a set of brand new glass reproduction eyes, had his side seam re-stitched and his head more firmly attached to his body (I think I need that treatment some days!!). And since he's an old bear with a very English name, I thought a sailor's collar like those worn by little boys in days gone by would complete his new look. I couldn't replace the missing fur, but that just makes him look well-loved. And well-loved is just what he will be from now on! He has joined the 'retirement' room - our spare room is home to a number of old toys including a celluloid doll that was my grandmother's, then my mother's; a patched, pink dog called (originally enough!!) 'Pinky'; a Disney clown doll my Nan won at a cent sale; and my faithful childhood companion 'Sam', a brown corduroy sausage dog who looks like he has played hard! Rupert is pictured with his new friends below, ensconced in his comfy new home.

Of course, today, being Tuesday and my designated "UFO Day", also saw me working on my red and green quilt. It now has a couple of borders attached and is starting to look great - if I do say so myself!! I just have to add one more border, then bind it and it's done!! Yay! Here's the update.

So you can see that I have had a busy day, which is why this tired teddy bear is now heading for bed. Til next time,


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