Monday, 25 February 2008

Strawberry fields forever!

Hmmm, perhaps not quite forever, but there are strawberries at our place today, as I worked very hard on the weekend and finished the third of my Tea Party Pals trio of country cloth dolls - Berry Basket Bonnie! I know I say it every time I finish a new pattern prototype, but I think she's my favourite so far! The idea for Bonnie has been percolating in my cauldron of ideas for some time now but wasn't ready to 'be born' until I fell in love with the fabric I've used for her pinafore and then everything else fell into place. Take a peek...

She carries a cute cane basket full of strawberries made from fabric and felt, as well as holding a ripe, plump strawberry in her hand. On her other arm is a swing tag with "Strawberry" stitched on it and in her hair is a strawberry flower. Now I just have to write some more instructions and she can be added to the web site with her Tea Party Pals. They got together for another 'practice' tea party with some of Kerryanne's cupcakes, it was after all a dreary day that needed brightening with good friends and cups of tea!

Aren't they cute? I've had lots of fun designing and making these dolls and hope others enjoy them too.

Well, a designer's work is never done, so I'd best toddle off and write some instructions now - just as soon as I check my notes to see what I did first!!! Til next time,


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