Sunday, 17 February 2008

I love it when a plan comes together!

I don't know how many of you remember a TV show from the '80's called "The A Team" which featured Mr T and Dirk Benedict (what a honey!) but one of the characters had a saying: "I love it when a plan comes together!" Well, that's the kind of day I've had today. A couple of posts ago, I shared a photo of some funky green and fuchsia fabrics that I'd bought to make the sample for my latest pattern, one that will be donated to Fresh Hope Patterns. After a few interruptions (I'm easily side-tracked!) I spent the afternoon slaving over a hot sewing machine to pull it all together. Take a peek.

Not a cushion that can be ignored, I know, but it seemed a joyful, fun and funky colour combo and since Fresh Hope is an organisation that inspires joy as well as hope, it seemed appropriate! It also ties in with the candy-stripe pattern that is used on Fresh Hope pattern covers and web site etc. and it features a dove, which is a symbol used by Fresh Hope and FH Patterns, The wording says: "Love lifts us high on wings of Hope!" Now I just have to write the instructions - groan!! Not my favourite passtime, but at least I heeded some sage advice from Kerryanne and took detailed notes this time!

I also took time this weekend to drop in on a new blog that I apparently helped inspire. I was chatting to Lisa from Button Bliss on Friday (Yay! Button order coming my way soon!) and she said that after I told her I'd started a blog and how much fun I was having with it, she decided to give it a go. So pop in to say g'day to her at I love Lisa's funky country graphics almost as much as I love her timber buttons! Hmmm, I'm starting to think that blogging is contagious, as I now know of a few people who've 'caught the bug' from a friend. Good thing there are few harmful side-effects!

Anyways, I think I hear my pillow calling so shall sign off for now. Til next time,


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